Paul Chuckle Shaves His Moustache Off For The First Time In 49 Years

Paul Chuckle has shaved off his infamous moustache for the first time in nearly half a century after him and his late brother Barry both started growing them in 1971:

The 72-year-old, who completed the shave to raise money for Marie Curie, told his fan base: « I’ve had my moustache for 49 years, Barry and I grew them at the same time. »

In response to his charity shave, one follower wrote: « Good luck Paul, hope you still remember how to shave that lip! Barry would be proud of you. »

Another added: « My Dad did this about 20 years ago after having a moustache all his adult life. It freaked people out! Good luck Paul, and good on you! »

A third said: « Wow. What a sport & an amazing charity. Can’t wait to see your septum. »

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The entertainer went live on Twitter as promised, and even took the time to crack some of the Chuckle Brothers’ infamous catchphrases as the facial hair on his upper lip disappeared.

He told the people watching: « I’ve had this for what, almost 50 years, I have, nearly 50 years. Only once has anybody seen this gone and that was the missus and I had to grow is instantly back again because she couldn’t stop laughing for two and a half days. »

As the moustache started to go, Paul looked in the mirror and said: « Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. »

Afterwards, Paul posted some before and after pictures and people couldn’t help but compliment him on looking like a new man. One said: « You look 10 years younger, Paul. »

Someone else added: « You look great,Paul. You could easily pass for a guy in their late 40s. »

To donate £5 in support of Paul, you can text NURSE to 70544. You will be charged your standard network rate as well.

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